Donna Clair

Southwest Contemporary Artist


A HAPPY LITTLE CLOUD (Taos, New Mexico) – 36″x40 Original Oil on Belgian Linen- available – Preview Painting………Sometime in the middle of September in 1967 husband Jack and I had watched the moving van leave our house on Riegel Rd. in Homewood, Ill. My son John was two and my twins, Mary and Sarah, were six months old.  It was a long trip – the girls learned to eat spaghetti with their fingers in some little restaurant along the way.  We crossed the border into New Mexico late in the afternoon – The sky above us was cloudless, but to our left was this huge, ominous blue and black monster bursting with thunder and lightning – I would later learn that the dark pouring from that cloud was called “Walking Rain” – The highway straight ahead to Santa Fe was sunny and clear! This was the beginning of my fifty year love affair with the people and landscape of New Mexico – what a adventure! 

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