Donna Clair

Southwest Contemporary Artist


Studio No. 417 – TAOS SUMMER STORM – 24″x30″ Original Oil on Belgian Linen, framed – Preview Painting.  It took weeks of self-arguing to finally post the truth about losing my son.  Looked back on my life for the last 2-1/2 years today – I sat in a big brown recliner for a year and cried – tried to keep up my time at the easel, but it was sporadic.   Relied on help from my friends,  One day I heard a voice in my head say “What if you live for another 20 Years?” and I knew the way I was “living” was killing me.  All of a sudden the lights went back on and it was time to take a fearless inventory of places and things….there was no going back from that moment…I didn’t know how, but I was being challenged to change everything!    

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