Donna Clair

Southwest Contemporary Artist


OVERNIGHT FAST DRYING GLAZING MEDIUM – Years ago a very well-known California painter, Robert Clark (egg tempera), took my Craft of Painting Workshop.  He was very generous in sharing his knowledge and I know I learned more from him than he ever learned from me.  Bob believed that this mixture was several hundred years old and had been used by Renaissance painters.   This is the recipe he gave me for a glazing medium – I have used it for over forty years to thin my oils as I am working:  Caution:  Mix in Glass Bottle or Jar! – Six ounces distilled turpentine (Winsor-Newton), one ounce dammar varnish, one ounce stand oil and one quarter teaspoon Cobalt Dryer.  (I usually double or triple the recipe)  Bob gave me a great gift – this medium adds life to the colors!  Enjoy!

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