Donna Clair

Southwest Contemporary Artist


3/16/15 – SANCTUARY -This is a 60″x50″ Belgian Linen canvas.  Most often a painting is a long time in the making — and most of it is painted in my head months, or  sometimes years, before it finds life on a canvas.  A few years ago my traveling buddies, Jerry Walter and Rick Finney, and I were at the Martinez Hacienda early one beautiful fall morning.  The Rio Pueblo was quiet – the scene was serene – another unforgettable moment.  It was preserved in a photograph and for all this time quietly bouncing around in my head, popping up when I least expected it.  Here is what I hope is the beginning of a really good painting (one never knows how things will turn out – hoping to be surprised!).  This is a 60″x50″ canvas prepared with three coats of gesso toned with Payne’s Grey.  I have blocked out the grid in ten inch squares so that I can put the sketch on with fairly accurate proportions.  Stay tuned! 

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