Donna Clair

Southwest Contemporary Artist


FIELD WORK – Photography — Years ago I painted plein air when I could.  Had three small children at home and worked a full time job!  Would get together with friends and pack my paints to have some wonderful autumn afternoons painting in Madrid and Golden, N.M.  Then some kind soul gifted me with a Canon camera with a zoom lens.  That camera became so familiar it was an extension of my arm for years and years.  Recently gave it to my son who just happens to be a very talented photographer.  Then — TaDah! – along came digital cameras, the computer and Photoshop and everything changed!  Back in the day it was shameful for an artist to admit that they used photography.  I read a life changing book by Van Deren Coke from UNM, The Painter and the Photograph (some copies used and new are still available from Amazon).  Realized that the camera was an essential TOOL for me to use.  Made a pact with myself to know this place that inspired me so deeply – and then it would be possible for me to FEEL what I painted.  10/29/14 

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