Donna Clair

Southwest Contemporary Artist


LA TIENDITA DE ANTIGUA, GUATEMALA – 51″x 39″Donna Clair Original Oil completed in 2001 – Framed with Linen Liner.

My friend Joan Norris, midwife, sent me
an e.mail asking if I would help sell this painting to benefit the Northern New Mexico Birth Center.  This painting has been hanging in the Birth Center all
these years after I donated it for one of their auctions.  They loved it
so much, as did the many, many mothers they have helped through the
years, that it has had pride of place at the center.  Times have changed
and now with some reluctance, they need to sell this original painting.

you are interested — Contact ED, Sandy Campbell, here at the Birth
Center: 575-758-1216 or by email:
Price: $9500 (starting price) it is framed with a linen liner.

Happy 2014!  
Best regards, Donna 

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