Donna Clair

Southwest Contemporary Artist

from Tesuque!  A lovely and most welcome drenching rain this afternoon
— just when we thought that moisture was a figment of our imaginations,
the Rain Gods smiled on us!  Longtime Art Friend Dr. David Reagan of
Texas suggested I send photos of my new place – here they are.  Just
getting started again — yes, that is a worktable in the kitchen area –
underpainting some 6″x8″s – new underpaintings large and small on the
easel.  Finally working my way through the new Photoshop CS6 software –
not quite there yet.  Why do they take something so simple and easy to
use as CS2 and complicate it beyond my frail capabilities? Still have a
little workroom off to the side of the office that needs some TLC –
unpack more boxes, put out my music – organize the chaos.

plan is to begin posting some small auction pieces around the 9th of
next month – working on some lovely medium underpaintings — it all
seems so new — set out new paints again today — I fall in love with
linseed oil and turpentine all over again!  Waiting for one more
standing light for the easel paintings – having to learn some things as
though for the first time.

almost forgot – found this gem on Facebook today – an article that
states that more art is now being sold online than in galleries!  — Hot
off the easel!  It pays for every artist to know how to use a

Just beginning to
rebuild my inventory and plan to post my progress to this blog on a regular basis —  should be very interesting!  Stay tuned!  Send e.mail address to receive Studio Newsletter – previews of new paintings and prints.

Best regards, Donna





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