Donna Clair

Southwest Contemporary Artist


1/18/11 — “PEDERNAL” – 8″X28″ Original Oil, to be framed in gold with linen liner.  $1600.00.   SOLD Just put my brushes down about half an hour ago.  This canvas practically painted itself!…..the beginnings of the material I got this fall on  my trip to Abiquiu and Chama. 

STUDIO NEWZ:  Waiting for the upgrade on Dreamweaver software and then will make an appointment to be tutored in how to change my new website by myself.  Until then I will send e.mails a little more frequently.  After that most work in progress will be posted to my Art Journal at  Thanks for all the great comments about my redesign at — warms my old heart to hear from so many with such good cheer!  The Art Gods have taken up residency in my studio again now that most of the changes to the website are made.  Some new larger canvases have already been painted in my head — that’s the hard part, the Dreamtime!  Now all I have to do is stay at the easel until they are finished……Stay tuned!  Hug an Artist today!

Feliz Ano Nuevo a Todos! Donna

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