Donna Clair

Southwest Contemporary Artist

14 January 2010 —  Here is the “cartoon” for my new 24″x24″ oil painting “Calypso”.  I have done the drawing in Prussian Blue — working loosely.   I love this color  for sketching in paintings because I believe the strength of the blue comes through the eventual layers of colors.   This is an important week for me — I have been gathering sketches and photos for about ten new paintings.  The background work is to decide the sizes and shapes of this material, then purchase and prepare the canvases for each work.  Sometimes it takes as many as 100 sketches and photos to make ten paintings — they need to be edited for composition, color and light — always subject to artistic license, of course.  Stay tuned.  Am hoping to post my progress on this new work more frequently than usual.  DC, Taos.   

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