Donna Clair

Southwest Contemporary Artist

                          “VETERAN’S DAY/SANTA FE PLAZA”- SOLD    In one of my recent “clear outs” I found the slide for this painting which I took sometime in 1969 or thereabouts.  I worked on this painting today and all the while debated whether I would disclose the  surprise it held for me as I worked on it.  Normally I don’t “explain” my work, but after forty years and some quiet moments of sketching and painting this piece I realized what it was…..three veterans from different wars on the same bench on the Santa Fe Plaza.  The man on the left is a WWII vet — dressed in his afternoon best and not quite comfortable with the other two.  The fellow in the middle is transitioning from Viet Nam, dressed in his old sport coat and slacks, hoping to find some kind of normal.  The fellow on the right has been home a while and hasn’t been able to find “normal” nor does he want to try any longer — he lives quietly in a commune somewhere in northern New Mexico.

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