Donna Clair

Southwest Contemporary Artist

6909cprupgsandcrsnow_500-86306411 June 2009 – “BEHIND ADOBE WALLS” – NEW 24×30″ Underpainting. FYI — While the large 48″x60″ underpainting “Donde Nace la Vida” is drying, I am spending this week “blocking in” several more canvases. Sitting at an easel for long periods to complete a painting is not easy — and there are days when I lack a certain enthusiasm. Usually five or six underpaintings (oil color sketches – MG Fast Drying White and pigment) sit all around me….and as long as they are “down” on the canvas — I can paint them in my head anytime of the day or night. When I finally put them on the easel, the difficult work of planning the light and shadows, colors, etc. is mostly done — the excitement has built to complete the canvas and my days at the easel go much more smoothly! DC

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