Donna Clair

Southwest Contemporary Artist


ANOTHER NEW BEGINNING — The reception for the exhibit of my new paintings was Friday – and today I go into the studio with many, many blank canvases talking to me – “Paint me, paint me!” Unlike years past, this time I have a new “starting place” in my head. Normally, I would rest on my laurels for a month or so — somehow this time I feel a certain urgency to fill up those blank canvases. Am beginning two new projects, which I plan to work on simultaneously — while parts of one painting is drying, I will work on another. These new projects are: “AMBIENTES” (Environments) – A series of 12 large-format landscapes. At the same time I will focus on “100 SMALL GEMS” – A series of small original oil paintings — 11″x14″ and under – primarily 6″x8″. All of this new work will be previewed on this web log and they will also be available on my website or through my studio. To receive advance notice of this new work – “Works in Progress” — you are invited to subscribe to receive my newsletters. My thanks to McLarry Gallery for a great show — and, especially to all my Art Friends old and new! DC (PS – My new social media experiment — a page on FACEBOOK – as they say on Sesame Street, “Let’s be Friends”.)

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