Donna Clair

Southwest Contemporary Artist

024mayordomo_500-9080563“MAYORDOMO” – Now available as a Studio Edition Print.
(Visit the High Road Print Catalogue to order)

A Mayordomo is the official elected to maintain the irrigation system known as the Acequia Madre — centuries old “Mother Ditches” that bring water from the mountains to the villages here in northern New Mexico. He oversees the spring cleaning of the ditches (as seen in the painting) and manages control of the water to ranches and fields. The original painting “Mayordomo” was completed as an homage to my first Truchas friend, the local Mayordomo, Cosme Romero. I was living at the ranch on Llano Quemado on the outskirts of Truchas. One day Cosme brought his wife, Carmelita, and his daughter, Susie, to welcome me to the community. He was a kind and gracious man with a wonderful sense of humor.

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