Donna Clair

Southwest Contemporary Artist

1708glzmondreams_500-4844556“MOONDREAMS” – GLAZES
24″x30″ Original Oil on Fine Belgian Linen

6/27/08 — AH! THE GLAZES! — Yes, I have painted this little church before, but never quite in this way. As of yesterday, I have almost completed the sky — and then the foreground was completely “washed” in Cadmium Red thinned down with painting medium. Opaque paints can be thinned to a semi-glaze and then put over the underpainting. I want the final painting to have that last minute look of sun on an early summer evening. This painting is a great example of the value of glazes and how they inform the final tones of the canvas. Am challenging myself to pull this one out of my Art Hat! DC

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