Donna Clair

Southwest Contemporary Artist


4/17/08 – 22″x28″ Original Oil on Fine Belgian Linen. It’s snowing and cold here today and am enjoying sitting in the warm studio working! Working the Glazes into the Underpainting (See 4/10/08 Post). There is something a little unusual about this painting in that I am adding more opaques to the glazes. The sky is a mixture of Permalba White, Thalo Blue, Thalo Green and a little bit of Indanthrone Blue. The shape of the clouds is Permalba White — with a little Payne’s Grey. The darkest greens are Prussian Blue and Burnt Sienna — and I have added some Chrome Oxide Green Opaque. What appears as the road is what I call a “dirty” mixture, because I have taken the colors which weren’t used after yesterday’s work and mixed them all together and saved the little pile of paint for today– a perfect dirt color! The foreground – Prussian Blue and Burnt Sienna — then mixtures of Yellow Ochre, Mars Orange, Cadmium Orange and Chrome Oxide Gr. Opaque. This canvas will dry for about a week to ten days before I can work into the colors again. STAY TUNED!

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