Donna Clair

Southwest Contemporary Artist


“SUMMER ELEGY” – Work in Progress
40″x30″ Original Oil on Fine Belgian Linen Canvas.

This painting is far more complicated than it appears — a lot of detail even though the brushwork is laid in very loosely in places. I hope this photo gets across the true value of glazes and how they add such richness to the final painting. Again, these are transparent colors — a layer of paint thinned with medium (see Palette Colors and recipe for painting medium in the margin of blog) over the pastel colors of the underpainting. Can you see how the light is refracted through all the way to the toned ground (gesso and Payne’s grey) then bounced out again? — there is LIFE to these colors! Working on this canvas while the glazes on the Valdez Autumn canvas dry — having several canvases going at one time allows me to come to each canvas with a certain excitement and freshness — it never gets boring! Stay tuned.

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