Donna Clair

Southwest Contemporary Artist

708upgllanosanjuan_500-6955548“LLANO SAN JUAN” – Underpainting
36″x48″ Original Oil on fine Belgian Linen.
To be framed in silver with linen liner.

Am hoping that this painting will have a quiet, “waking up” feeling to it. It is a large canvas, which I prepared with three coats of gesso mixed with Payne’s Grey. This “grisaille” sets the tone for the painting — it also takes down the color a bit so that the end result is more subtle, less “cartoony”. For the underpainting my palette colors have been mixed with MG White and Turpentine. I have used bristle brushes to paint and “draw” in the composition. I am trying to build a rhythm with the shapes and lights and darks…..hoping to draw the viewer’s eye into the canvas and keep it there for a long time. There are so many elements that go into this first step — it is the foundation of the painting — the next step will be the glazes……Stay tuned.

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