Donna Clair

Southwest Contemporary Artist

thanks07-7941664GIVING THANKS 2007

Just watched the news and all the frenzy about whether or not the stores will be up or down in sales this Christmas season…….this obvious time filler seems so superficial considering all that is going on in the rest of the world.

Sometimes it’s so easy to believe the commercials and think that there is something missing in our lives if we don’t have the latest, greatest or biggest thing. This morning I sat down and journaled a “thank you” list. Prominent on that list is this place where I am blessed to live and paint……and all the people who are so generous in their support of my work! I am truly grateful to each and every one who has ever cheered me along the way!

The book on my easel, “Women Painters of the World”, came from an old and dear friend’s library. As you can see — the blank canvases are piled up on the floor, on the easel — my taboret is brimming with new tubes of paint — and I’m ready for my winter work! – absolutely nothing is missing and life is truly rich and full!

Wishing everyone out there in the “real world” a peaceful and blessed Thanksgiving — Hug each other today!

Donna Clair, Taos, N.M.

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