Donna Clair

Southwest Contemporary Artist

“EL RITO DEL NORTE” -Completed 3/26/07
SOLD 3/27/07

MANY DAYS AND HOURS LATER – I “scumbled” in the final colors, which means “pushing” the opaque colors into the glazes. For the greens: Mixtures of glazes and opaques – burnt sienna and Prussian blue for the darks, and mixtures of ochres and chrome oxide greens with a little white for the highlights. The highlights on the trees are a combination of cadmium yellow light and white, cadmium yellow and white and other combinations of transitional colors include yellow ochre, chrome oxide green opaque, mars orange and cadmium red. The water: burnt sienna and Prussian blue for the darks, other combinations: thalo blue, thalo green, chrome oxide green opaque and some Permalba White for the highest lights.

If you have any questions, please call (505)758-7454.

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