Donna Clair

Southwest Contemporary Artist


Here is the second phase of this painting– the dark, transparent colors over the underpainting (see the previous post)…..the glazes. If there is any one point in a painting where I want to quit, this is it…..from experience, however, I know that it is these dark colors that add the richness and vibrance to the final opaques that go on top of the canvas after this part of the painting is completed. Light is refracted through to the toned ground and then out again — giving greater luminesence to the final painting.

My mixtures include Prussian Blue and Burnt Sienna for the water. Transparent gold ochre for the trees and shrubs — I have even used some green and ochres (opaque colors) and thinned them down with my medium to a semi-transparency.

Stay tuned to see the finished canvas!! For price and availability, just call my Taos studio at (505) 758-7454.

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