Donna Clair

Southwest Contemporary Artist



30″x40″ Original Oil Painting on Portrait Quality Belgian Linen. The underpainting is essentially a color sketch over a “toned ground” (gesso mixed with Payne’s Grey). This phase of the painting gives me a guide to the light an color of the final piece — it also gives me the information I need regarding composition — if a painting doesn’t “click” at this point, usually it won’t work at all. I’ve mixed all the basic colors (ochre, chrome oxide green opaque, cadmium yellow) with MGWhite and applied them to the canvas with turpentine. Now I will let the canvas dry for several days before applying the glazes (dark transparent colors) To follow the progress of “El Rito del Norte”, stay tuned to this web log!

Be first in line to receive a photo of this completed painting — just send an e.mail to and join my list of Art Friends. For price and availability, please call my studio at (505) 758-7454.

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