Donna Clair

Southwest Contemporary Artist

(┬ęDonnaClair2006 – All rights reserved under Fed. Copyright Law.)
20″x40″ Original Oil on Fine Belgian Linen.
To be custom framed in Gold with Linen Liner.

This is the second phase of this painting — to view the Underpainting, go to my blog entry of November 30th. Here I have combined both opaque and transparent colors — as bright and as brilliant (and also as dark) as I possibly could. The dark mountains are a combination of Prussian Blue and Mars Black. The foreground darks are Prussian Blue, Dioxazine Purple – Chrome Oxide Green Opaque. The cloudy sky Prussian Blue, Mars Black and Permalba White.

Oh yes, I “threw” in some Cadmium Red in the trees (Cadmium Yellow and Yellow Ochre) just for the heck of it!

If you have any questions regarding price and availability, just call my studio at (505) 758-7454. Stay tuned to see the finished painting.

(┬ęDonnaClair2006 – All rights reserved under Fed. Copyright Law.)

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