Donna Clair

Southwest Contemporary Artist

How I Came to New Mexico and learned about Art and Life



WORD PAINTINGS # 132 (How I came to New Mexico and learned about Art and Life – ITS RAINING MEN!!

13 May 2023 – First thing Monday Morning Sheriff Montoya knocked on my door with some ominous-looking papers in his hand.  Whew – he wasn’t looking for me! Wrong house and got back into his Sheriff’s car and headed down the road. Noticed a VM on my phone – it was the Gas Company saying that my gas had been turned off – I needed to get a plumber and then make an appointment with the State Inspector in order to have things turned on again.  Panic. Large trailer showed up in front of my neighbor’s house the night before – earth movers.  As the day went on – mysteries and synchronicity!  And more was revealed.

The earth movers made their way to the back yard, followed by a group of hefty men. The men began digging a new leach field – and they dug for two days! Leading them was my landlord’s son. Then came the plumber. Consensus of opinion was that the huge trailer carrying the earthmoving equipment took out the gas meter. Four houses, this house included, had no gas service.  Thinking this project would last into next week, I began to scramble – electric coffee pot, hot plate from Wal-Mart, burrito from Mary Jane’s.

Big Mystery – who was responsible for the damage???? Am certain there were many many phone calls between landlord, construction company, septic service, gas company, plumber, State Inspector.  The whole yard was being dug up – new gravel, new pipes!  Honestly it was an amazing show to watch. In a slightly twisted way, I enjoyed all the activity – there is a definite drama to heavy earth moving machines and the concentration it takes to make things happen – it was  a “man dance”!  Oh, the testosterone! Synchronicity! It looked as though it was choreographed!  Kudos to everyone involved – they performed a miracle.  What an exciting 2 days!!!

Gas company installed new meter.

State Inspector came in the middle of the night to check the new meter!!!! And on the second day….the gas came back on – plumber came in to turn on appliances. My landlord’s son dealt with the gas company for me. Let there be GAS!!!!

The Sheriff did some sleuthing and found a car down the road with the imprint of the gas meter on the grill – the suspect confessed. Mystery solved. Landlord and workers breathed heavy sigh of relief that they had no responsibility in the outage – plumber, workers, landlord and me all smiles – life got back to normal.  No more drama!  One worker returned to pick up the construction trash – it was over. So quiet!  Watched the sun set over Tres Orejas….

A few weeks ago I did a study of a cloud painting called Summer Storm – and decided it should be larger – 40″x30″.  Here is the Work in Progress – I began the sketch on Tues. when all the craziness began – some burps and stops since then – spring cleaning, framing new paintings – but here it is so far (see above) – I have great hope for this one.

Oh, and the coronation! Considering all the homeless, hungry people in the world, I felt that gold coat was a little over the top – all I can say is that the Windsors need to remember what happened to the Romanovs!!! Just saying  – 

This Sunday is definitely a day of well-earned rest!  A very late new beginning! DC