Donna Clair

Southwest Contemporary Artist

How I Came to New Mexico and learned about Art and Life



WORD PAINTINGS #120 (How I Came to New Mexico and Learned About Life and Art) – A CRUEL SEASON

May 2022 (Llano Quemado, New Mexico) – View from my kitchen window:
What began as a few plumes of white over towards Las Vegas on or about
the 20th of April became 75,000 acres forest fire on Friday; as of this
morning it has grown to 160,000 acres and it is only 20% contained.
Evacuation centers are open in Penasco and Taos – the towns of Mora and
Las Vegas are under severe threat and total evacuation.  The cause seems
to be a “controlled burn” by the Forest Service. Homes, vacation
cabins, livestock, wildlife – gone.  Have been roaming the roads in
these villages for 55 years – so many beautiful days!  Heavy smoke from
this fire and the one burning in Jemez. Fear, sadness – deep grief.
Prayers for the firefighters, all those evacuees – we need prayers – and
a lot of rain! 

clear and present danger sure takes the attention off the war in
Ukraine.  Ali Velshi is back home covering all the abortion news.
President Zelensky’s fear that the world will look away from the horror
and destruction is becoming a reality.  Less news from there this past
week.  They say no news is good news.  That doesn’t feel right.  The
gung ho enthusiasm for the Ukranian fighting spirit isn’t quite as loud
and bullish as it was.  Imagine Ukraine a year from now – will these
brave people will still be fighting this fake-made up war?  Will the
devastation be so complete that the rest of the world will be forced to
look away?  Considering that all of Europe is under threat now it is
hard to imagine that will happen.  Heard Chef Jose Andres say this
country will need a Marshall Plan in order to rebuild.  Prayers for the
Ukranian people.

and then there is our “Supreme Court” and their leaked decision to
overturn Roe v. Wade. Crusty old men and one evangelical white
woman with a really annoying voice are deciding the fate of American
women – and men.  Think the dog has caught the car this time and they
have taken too big a bite out of women’s rights.  No doubt they will
come for LGBT rights, birth control, gay marriage – power and control.
Their fear of the changing demographics in this country is palpable.  If
I was a defeatist, I would say that we are screwed!  Scary men are
doing scary things under the guise of protecting our freedom and liberty
– all in the name of Christianity.  Sadly Christ is nowhere to be found
in this New World Order. Considering their ex-President is acknowledged
to be a serial sex offender and two of the Justices are alleged sex
offenders…how dare they? Prayers for the Justices of the Supreme

from high school in 1957 – and Roe v. Wade became law in 1973.  Yes I
remember the “good old days”.  Wealthy families in Chicago Heights and
Flossmoor sent their girls to Florida to have an abortion or give birth
and put their babies up for adoption.  My best friend returned from her
Florida trip to find a surprise from her daddy – a white Cadillac
convertible – she felt no joy when we all piled in with her for our
evening “joy rides”. She was always sad and broken and I know that every
day of her life she thought about her baby.  In our town there was a
three story brick house with a long flight of stairs going to the top
floor.  Everyone knew that was the place where girls from not so wealthy
families took care of their problem. This is what I know is true….I
believe in the right to choose.  I believe this, in most cases, is a the
most painful choice a woman will ever have to make, but it is her
CHOICE.   We are at the mercy of a sweeping authoritarian movement.
Prayers for all women everywhere today.

PS: The smoky skies have cleared this afternoon – praying for rain.  DC