Donna Clair

Southwest Contemporary Artist

How I Came to New Mexico and learned about Art and Life


12 August 2021 -Llano Quemado, New Mexico – Early Evening view from my front portal – storm has moved off to Eastern foothills.  The sun is coming in low from the West.
15 August 2021 – Low rumblings and grumblings – thunder and dark clouds moving in from the eastern foothills in front of my house.  Weather-wise this past week was one for the books.  Last Monday we were befogged by smoke from wildfires all around us – California, Arizona, Colorado.  The air was heavy and it became hard to breathe!  Muscle aches – itchy red eyes.  It is possible there aren’t enough brave firemen in the whole world capable of containing these catastrophes.  We complained of the physical inconvenience, but I can’t imagine what it is like for the victims of these fires and the men and women trying to contain them.
The air began to clear on Wednesday.  Prayed for rain to dissipate the smoke.  By late Thursday our prayers were answered!  If wishes were fishes….  Skies darkened in the east and wild and wacky winds whipped up a series of dust devils (mini tornadoes of loose sand and soil) beginning on the road in front of my house.  My neighbors big crazy wind-loving dog escaped from his front yard.  He waited on the road; as the little tornadoes began to form he raced with the wind – jaws open and ears flapping running hell-bent toward my house.  When he could go no further he ran back to the road and waited patiently for the next whirlwind to form.  Watched him from the window for about fifteen full speed trips!  Finally exhausted he slowly walked back to his house – Mother Nature definitely delivered some giant chills and thrills for this brave little guy.
The heaviness of the storm lifted and the sun broke through from the west.  Still some dark clouds and then the magic happened – a double rainbow!  For at least an hour, breathless, I went from one window to another in awe of the special effects.  One more marvelous treat at sunset….  a puffy halo of pink clouds over the  peaks of Tres Orejas in the west.  What a day!!  
The mountains and clouds in this new place have me hypnotized.  Below is my most recent painting called Taos Morning Clouds.  The bottom two-thirds of the canvas was completed but did not have a vision to complete the sky.  I was stumped and all progress came to a halt. One morning I walked past my easel still half asleep, raised the window shade and over Taos Mountain monsoon clouds were beginning to form.  Perfection!  Definitely a special gift from my Art Gods!!! 

TAOS MORNING CLOUDS – New 24″x36″ – Sold

At least six new paintings in the early stages of completion.  On the easel – Thunderspirit – a  30″x40″ monsoon cloud which rose up one afternoon.  Spending
many afternoons sitting on a bench under the portal of my house just watching clouds.  And….a special 20″x20′ canvas from a delightful afternoon spent with my daughter Sarah.  These two canvases make me happy!  Sending virtual hugs to Art Friends everywhere!!! DC