The Road Home (sold)

Studio No. 1217 – The Road Home, 8″ x 16″ original oil, $550.00 sold

SEPTEMBER 1967 – We rented a small adobe house on Alegre St. from an old cowboy named Les Langley – across our backyard fence was Rosario Cemetary.  The babies were still in diapers and crawling and the only heat was with floor furnaces – a big challenge.  Still a Chicago girl, I was homesick, very lonely and did not know where to begin.  Trying to be helpful, a neighbor gave me a New Mexico Magazine –  started to read while the children were napping.  There was a photo of a Taos Pueblo drummer –  got out my paints and copied the photo.  We needed money and the painting sold for $75 which was a fortune to me.  The wheels started spinning – maybe,  just maybe this place – Santa Fe, New Mexico – was where I belonged all along….. I was just born in Chicago by accident!